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§  БРИТАНСКИЕ ШИНШИЛЫ (котята нашего питомника)


  Our kittens will bring joy and good luck to your  house !

The nursery “ Scarlet Sweet Dreams “ is  10 years old.


Four reasons to choose  British chinchilla kittens just in our nursery.


1.  You can  buy in our nursery “ Scarlet Sweet Dreams  thoroughbred  kittens “ Show “and “ Breed “  from the titled pedigree parents of the best lines of Germany  , Belgium , the Netherlands. The nursery has got a  WCF  certificate.


2.  The purest sparkling silver!  The shade of our chinchillas  is snow white , the cats have a slight “ blackish vale “ (  flat shading) without any stripes and spots- ты -11 and  very rare- snow white- ns-12. The nurseries having  golden chinchilla cats are stretching the truth  if they offer “ silverish “ shade from the golden parents. Their silver has a yellowish tint ( rouphism) .In a  small kitten these spots are  hardly noticeable but in grown up animals one can see a lot of “ rusty” smears. The “ rouphism “ may  come from one to another generation .


3.  The pedigree of our animals has no “ exots”  and  Persians .It means that the  jaws   defect , upturned noses  and long fur are excluded as well as possible genetic diseases which sometimes occur only in the representatives of these species and may manifest in any generation.


4. The animals have a massive type of bones and short thick and compact fur .They have got deep “ bottomless” green or turquoise eyes. All kittens have a colour  gene.


 The numerous people who  purchased our kittens often call us and present  the snapshots of their now grown up pets. The majority of them are awarded with  prizes and champion titles at International exhibitions .

So with a lawful pride  we can tell that our nursery “ Scarlet Sweet Dreams “ produce wonderful animals – big ones , with  powerful bodies , massive heads and short thick fur of exquisite silverish , violet ( pink)  and blue colour.  

British or Scottish fold males are not capricious , easy to take care of  and don`t have bad smell. They are self-contained  ,  unobtrusive  and well-brought up.  The British and Scottish fold ones become nowadays the object of fashion and  prestige and as a consequence  business. I think that everyone saw pedigree cats turned into  ma- chines of progeny production .  

In our nursery females bear kittens twice a year . The kittens are strong and healthy. We teach each such a “ baby” to use a waste container and a special claw scratching device.  Our kitten is a source of energy and love and a particle of warmth.  We hope so much that these plush things will bring living warmth and love to your house.   They will give you one more chance to learn to love and open your heart  for them.  In our photo gallery you will find the major progenitors of our nursery and little kittens as well .  

Call us! Our phone numbers are - + 7 ( 495)  338-71-32 , + 7 ( 916)  318- 14-15

консультации по уходу и выращиванию
помощь с кормами, наполнителями,
аксессуарами для содержания котят и кошек.


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британские шиншиллы


Отец котят

Gr. I. Ch. Silver-Joshua vom Goldenen Winkel
Дата рождения 28 марта 2004 года.
Привезен из города Hannver.

Кошки нашего питомника:
Мать I. Ch. Primula Snow Queen BRI ns 11
(окрас шиншила) голландские линии.
Британская кошка
Британская кошка с сыном
Лето 2007г.:
Британский котенок
Британский котенок
Британский котенок
Британский котенок

Ch. Runa Scarlet Sweet Dream
Британский котенок
Британский котенок
Barbie Scarlet Sweet Dream:
(живет в Таллине и победительница всех выставок в городе)
Британский котенок
(1 месяц)

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